• Having T.J. Zark design and build our website was one of the best digital media decisions we could have made! I hear from my new clients how professional the website looks! Having a professionally designed website really added credibility to me and my business.
    My customers are impressed with the site therefore they are impressed with my business! I highly recommend TJ Zark and her team for any digital media work.

    West Taylor
    West Taylor Wild West Mustang Ranch
  • Happy customer alert!
    T.J. is the kind of creative mind you hope to find when you need something, but don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. She took the time to sit with me, ask questions, and go through multiple versions before deciding on the finished product.  I couldn’t be happier!

    Kathy Klix
    Kathy Klix Animal Chiropractic
  • We were in desperate need of a website redesign for our film festival and HelloZark came highly recommended and we are thrilled with the results. Our new site is absolutely what we needed. T.J. was great to work with and had wonderful ideas to make our site much more user and mobile-friendly.

    Joanie Leonard
    Joanie Leonard
  • Our business has used the services of T.J. Zark for more than five years. T.J. has helped us with everything from creating our logo, to print ad design, to constructing our very complicated website.  Her work has been outstanding in all areas.  She has always been timely and efficient in completing her tasks.  Importantly, she understands marketing. Her skill in creating marketing products is enhanced by the depth of her marketing knowledge.  We hold T.J. Zark in our highest regard.

    Roger Brooks
    Roger Brooks Veryl Goodnight Fine Arts
  • T.J. brings a confident, positive approach in identifying and developing talent, and introducing fresh ideas to every situation she touches.
    She has a kind of comfortable fearlessness about her that manages to be reassuring and helpful along the way, whether it involves clients, colleagues, or co-workers.

    Karl Zarling
    Karl Zarling Coldwell Banker
  • T. J. is a visionary. She has an amazing ability to create user experiences that are uncluttered and easy to use. Not only that, she has a film maker's sense that weaves together text, screen layout, audio, photography and video well. She is an effective story-teller.
    She works well with clients, focusing on their needs and able to communicate solutions to them. I would work with her again.

    Deke Smith
    Deke Smith Adobe Software Systems
  • T.J. built the most beautiful website for me. She is creative, easy to work with, and really captures the nature of your business through her work. Thank you TJ!

    Amy Skinner
    Amy Skinner Amy Skinner Horsemanship
  • T.J. is brilliant, creative, focused and honest. She brings so much more than technical know how to the table. I now have one of the most inspired websites of any artist and it pays back constantly. Today people judge the quality of a business by the quality of their website.
    Having an inspired website rather than the cookie cutter variety says everything about you and your business. T.J.  can do this. She focused on me and my identity. T.J. also takes emailed notes and puts them into a highly visual newsletter format for my Constant Contact Newsletters. She does all of our graphic designs from ads to business cards. In short, we would not know what to do without this brilliant lady who is always behind the scenes making me look good.

    Veryl Goodnight
    Veryl Goodnight Artist & Scupltor
  • TJ was amazing to work with! She intuitively knew the design feel I was going for and was easy and timely to work with. I highly recommend her.

    Katherine Dobson
    Katherine Dobson Real Estate
  • T.J. is not only a great designer but her heart matches her talent. She designed our logo for Angel Heart Farm in Nashville, Tennessee and her design was made into angel charms! They have sold all over the country! This charm raises a lot of awareness and funding for our small non profit!
    The main question we get is "Who did your logo ?" If you need a design that makes a statement contact T.J. ! Star quality.

    Tracy Kujawa
    Tracy Kujawa Angel Heart Farms
  • What happens when you combine a talented artist, painter, horsewoman, psychologist, designer, musician, friend and ask that person to help you create a new website? One of the more interesting journeys I have ever had into language, image, storytelling, and more unfolded with a lot of laughter, a little angst, and oh the positive response from a wide range of friends, clients, contacts, and more.
    T.J. digs deep into her own toolbox and allows you to bring into focus the things that make you happy, the resources that feed the spirit.
    One big YES from me

    Janet Lever-Wood
    Janet Lever-Wood Potter/Sculptor
  • T.J. is a uniquely talented individual with an innate sense of the overarching need of the client and design team. She brings leadership and understanding to her team and is direct in her business approach to any design problem.
    Her talent for listening, and coaching in a soft spoken manner, helps to produce the strongest possible product for clients.

    David Lawrence
    David Lawrence Brookdale Senior Living
  • Totally great to work with! Creativity and genius in one package!

    Anne Beach
    Anne Beach Mancos Creative District
  • T.J. worked closely with me in designing my website. My site truly reflects my philosophy about horsemanship and how I teach and coach horse owners on their journey with horses.  My site is both beautiful and informative thanks to T.J.

    Peggy Gurnett
    Peggy Gurnett Peggy Gurnett Horsemanship
  • T.J. created the look and feel for our original website and she has been a powerful thought partner for creating community for our users.
    What I find most special about T.J. is her ability to become emotionally engaged in a project and make that passion transfer into developing a soulful user experience. Even though she is thoroughly steeped in technology and cutting edges, she always leads with her humanity.

    Carter Andrews
    Carter Andrews CEO at Nelson Andrews Leadership Lodge

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